About The Hungry Traveler

Travel Hospitality Services

Delaware North Travel Hospitality Services, a subsidiary of Delaware North, is one of the world's leading airport food service and retail companies, operating 300 restaurants and retail outlets in more than 25 airports worldwide, and serving more than 350 million customers each year.

Culinary and Hospitality

Delaware North's culinary services range from quick-serve concession stands to banquet catering to some of the finest restaurants around the world. A specialized Culinary and Hospitality Council focuses on the company's expertise in all manner of food service. Delaware North employs more than 120 salaried chefs who create culinary masterpieces using fresh, local ingredients and exotic flavors for our guests around the world.

About Delaware North

Delaware North is a global hospitality company, headquartered if Buffalo, N.Y. Founded and owned by the Jacobs family for nearly 100 years, Delaware North provides concessions and retail in national parks, sports stadiums and arenas, airports, and entertainment venues across the world.